Qutek introduces innovations in healthcare by integrating smart technology


Qutek got inspired to ‘Empower Human Health’ through integrating smart technology into the personal healthcare and wellness regime of people’s daily lives.

While we believe that demonstrating healthy lifestyles and habits should be practiced daily, we designed solutions to empower our community of families, youngsters, athletes, health practitioners, along with all health advocates of society with the smartest gadgets and latest technologies to help them feel rejuvenated and enlivened.

With its wide range of products targeting health, wellbeing and juniors; Qutek revitalises ‘Human Health’ by collecting data straight from the body, tracking the progress and promoting healthy habits.

Based on the principle of merging medical science with technology; we introduced STEPS, our award-winning smart body composition scale that tracks your health in real-time with its multifaceted features and provides you with amazingly extensive accurate measurements of 14 health indexes.

Another product that adds more wellness to your lifestyle is the MagiCure intelligent neck massager that alleviates stress and muscle pain with its multiple deep tissue massage modes. These are in addition to DENTiCARE – the most advanced smart sonic toothbrush that provides an ultimate dental cleaning experience to improve oral health and brushing skills with the smart connected application.

Qutek’s innovations include other products which serve as smart assistants for humankind and are designed to take things up a notch.

As consistency is the key, Qutek aims to empower you to lead a healthy lifestyle and will continue to strive towards new innovations for everyone to live and work as they truly want to.

Ready to put your health first? We will help you get started!