UAE Polo team secure IFZA Silver Cup 2023 glory at Al Habtoor Polo Club


The match kicked off with the opening goal from Juan Jauretche, but the Dubai Wolves by CAFU caught up quickly and tied up the match at 1, as the both the teams displayed great skill in playing the defence. During the 2nd chukker, both the teams showed great expertise but it was IFZA Habtoor Polo who kept possession of the ball and the 2nd chukker finished with IFZA Habtoor Polo leading with at 3 to 2 score.

It was at the start of the 3rd chukker, the team patron of the Dubai Wolves by CAFU came through and got a beautiful shot tying the match at 3 goals. The IFZA Habtoor Polo didn’t fall short, and Bautista Bayugar took the lead for the team.

Not long after Carlos Ulloa levelled the game with only 20 seconds left on the clock. Towards the last chukker, it was Bayugar who came through and took his team towards winning the Subsidiary Match.

Match Progression:

1 -1 | 3 -2 | 4 -4 | 5 – 6 | 7 – 6

Top scorer: Bautista Bayugar – 4 goals

At the final match, AM Polo took the lead and kept it until the end of the 2nd chukker, with the score 5 – 3. During the 3rd chukker, Lucas Monteverde Jr. scored the first goal for UAE Polo team.

Benamin Urquiza and Isidro Strada finished the 3rd chukker with great sportsmanship shown by both the teams. At the 4th chukker, UAE Polo made a comeback with 4 back to back goals for their team and found themselves with an advantage towards the end with 8 – 7 score.

It all boiled down to the final chukker where we saw both the teams score one goal each. With a 30-yard penalty, AM Polo levelled up the game, as both the teams had their eyes at the Silver Cup.

With only 28 seconds left of the final match, UAE Polo team scored another goal which AM Polo was unable to defend, and in the end it was UAE Polo team that won the IFZA Silver Cup 2023 trophy.

Match Progression:

0 – 4 | 3 -5 | 4 -7 | 8 – 7 | 10 – 9

Top scorer: Isidro Strada – 6 goals

Martin Pedersen, Chairman of IFZA and President of the UAE Polo Federation, Saeed Bin Drai – awarded the teams of the day; Isidro Strada was the Most Valuable Player, Habtoor Al Habtoor as the Most Valuable Patron (top scoring Emirati), Nobu as the Best Playing Pony, and Sensata as the Best Playing Pony for Argentine breed.